La Maison Villa in Santorini

Welcome to the villa La Maison on the magnificent island of Santorini...

La Maison is a newly built villa just a step from the black beach of Monolithos.

Combining the traditional style of Santorini with the comforts of the high expectations of its guests, La Maison is a perfect luxury villa for providing a relaxed and at the same time enjoyable stay.

Unbreakably tied with the typical island style design and the human aspect it is a place which is distinguished for the aesthetic quality and its function.


Is an Aegean vision of traditional Cycladic architecture and presents a magical blend of elegant white and azure.  
La Maison provides the ultimate in escapism.  
For discerning guests, the resulting elegance and high-end hospitality translate to an unforgettable vacation in the land of Myth and Sun.