The island of Santorini

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Essential Santorini Tips

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Santorini is known worldwide for its unique and romantic scenery which attracts many visitors, especially couples, who want to live a different experience in life.

The island of Santorini raised from the ashes of the volcano, and for many, the very location of the mythical Atlantis is the perfect landscape for you to relax while discovering all the secrets of the most unique Greek island. Whether you are visiting Santorini for the first time or not, let the dedicated staff of La Maison Villa suggest and help you organize the activities which will allow you to discover the inner beauty of Santorini. Invest on a tailor-made island tour and get ready to explore the ancient cities of Santorini, Akrotiri and Ancient Thira, enjoy the breathtaking views from the top of Pyrgos and the edge of the lighthouse of Akrotiri, admire the ingenious architecture of the old fortresses of Emporio and Akrotiri, walk up to the old observatory of Skaros rock with the impressive caldera view and wander around the picturesque alleys of Oia before ending at the castle of Oia to view the famous sunset.

Try the traditional products of the volcanic earth of Santorini, such as the fava beans and the famous wine, Vinsanto, in various traditional or modern recipes that prove that rich taste is found mainly in the simplest things. Before leaving the island, make sure you live the most unique and life-changing experience of Santorini; seeing the largest caldera of the world from the sea, on board a catamaran cruise around the caldera. Organize a private catamaran cruise and get ready to feel a different side of the energy of the island by visiting the isolated volcanic beaches, such as the White pumice Beach and the Red Beach, swim inside the caves formed after the first eruption of the volcano and, of course, bath at the hot springs and around the volcano exploring the magic depths of the Aegean Sea.  

At the end of the trip, enjoy the delicious food and the unique Santorini wine while watching the most unforgettable sunset of your life from the boat; the sun of Santorini is setting painting the sky in red and purple colors, sculpting memories that you will forever carry in your mind and your heart.